About DeathPotPieEdit

DeathPotPie is a well known Roblox Youtuber, who changed the world of Roblox sports for many. His legacy caused a spike in many other Youtubers alike. He disappeared from the internet on the name "DeathPotPie" during December of 2019. Upon searching the name "DeathPotPie" on Youtube, you will be greeted with a channel titled of "Goatrow". This has been confirmed that the channel is still ran by the same person, as stated in one of his video's comment sections.

 The Beginning of DeathPotPie's Youtube Career Edit

  • DeathPotPie created his first video on January 3rd, 2015. The video consisted of a collaboration of Team Fortress 2 clips, most of them being of other random individuals in the servers he was playing in. Not much else is known about his beginning, as he privated the videos he created before 2015.

    A picture of the first known video published by DeathPotPie.

  • DeathPotPie's first content consisted of purely Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, and Minecraft.
  • DeathPotPie didn't publish a Roblox video until two months after his first video.



The first Garry's Mod video published by DeathPotPie


Photo of DeathPotPie's first Minecraft video

Roblox Uprising Edit

The uprising by DeathPotPie is very infamous. His first Roblox video created was a video on how to become Guest 0, which included a walk-though on how to customize the personalized guest number. The video skyrocketed in views, achieving 250,000 views over the course of 5 months. This influx of viewers caused many to view other content DeathPotPie had to offer.

Many of his viewers saw his Roblox Football Montage that was uploaded. This video intrigued many, and was the video that started to build up a fan-base. He gained an average of 8-12 subscribers per day during early years. After noticing this, DeathPotPie prioritized Roblox Football for the next few years.


This chart details the amount of subscribers gained over the course of multiple years.

Roblox Football Edit

DeathPotPie contributed to many Roblox football games. Those games include the original New Football Legends, New Football Legends V2, Football Heroes, and Legendary Football. He also contributed to the professional NFL Roblox league, and was an active player for the Season 1 & 2 Washington Redskins. His time playing professional Roblox football was short lived for this league, as the league shut down along with the game. A few months after the games shutdown, New Football Legends V2 was released. The release of the game also came with the creation for a new league. During this time, DeathPotPie was recruited by the Season 1 Indianapolis Colts.

DeathPotPie uploaded many Roblox football videos on Youtube, those being listed in chronological order below.

  • "Roblox New Football Legends (Jukes and Catches)" Pt. 1-5 Published in late 2016
  • "Roblox || Football Heroes Montage" Published in early 2017
  • "THE FINAL FOOTBALL MONTAGE" Published in early 2017
  • "The Legends: Football Heroes Montage" Pt. 2 + 3 Published in early 2017
  • "The Legendary Football Montage" Published in mid 2017

After the shutdown of the original "New Football Legends" game, DeathPotPie moved onto a new league

DeathPotPie also made two videos of a basketball game on Roblox, titled "Hoops Montage Pt. 1 + 2".

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